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Dakota Jenkins

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  1. Samoa Measles

    Global data suggests 140,000 people died from measles last year, and health officials say they're alarmed by the rapid growth of the easily preventable disease.

  2. Trump Impeachment

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, citing Donald Trump's "failure to faithfully execute the law," said Thursday she will ask the chair of the judiciary committee to proceed with articles of impeachment against the U.S. president.

  3. Britian NATO

    A video of Justin Trudeau gossiping with other world leaders about Donald Trump is featured in an advertisement for the U.S. president's leading political rival.


    Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday that Moscow is prepared to immediately extend the only remaining nuclear arms reduction pact with the United States.

  5. EPA Cyanide Traps

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says it will use restrictions, rather than a ban, to protect unintended poisoning of wildlife, pets and people by sodium cyanide bombs used by farmers and trappers to kill predators.